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coaching to successCareer Consulting Association is an independent group of interview coaches and recruitment consultants, who abide by the following code of conduct:

  • Offering top-quality, free, and easy to understand content for job seekers, with the aim of helping them to succeed in their interview and professional career.
  • Offering a risk-free sixty days money back satisfaction guarantee on all physical and digital products the member offers as extras to the free content, including interview coaching services, resume writing services, and other paid services.
  • Offering reasonable pricing on paid services, assuring they are affordable for people from less developed countries in Asia and Africa.
  • Offering transparent statistics of website traffic, sales, reviews, and other information to every visitor of the content.


Advantages of the membership

  • International brand recognition.
  • Benefiting from the marketing activities of the association, and the promotion of the members’ websites on various channels, including but not limited to Adwords, Yahoo Gemini, Clickbank.
  • We can design a website for you, we can even process the payments.
  • Chance to speak at conferences and internal events organized by the association.
  • Benefiting from team-building activities and meeting other members of the association, access to internal content and information available only to the members of the association.


How to become a member

coaching in association We are constantly searching for talented coaches and writers, and we may approach you directly.

If you would like to take the initiative, however, send your resume and cover letter to matthew[at]careerconsultingassociation[dot]com .

Every application is considered individually, and we do not guarantee acceptance, even if you have a proven track of experience in recruitment or interview coaching.

The membership is FREE, but you need to abide by the code of conduct (see on the top of the page).


For members

To see latest events, news, visitors statistics, and members forum, please continue to a protected membership area.

* If you are a job seeker, and would like to report a member who does not abide by our code of conduct, please send your message to complaints[at]careerconsultingassociation[dot]com . Thank you for your feedback.


Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.